How to display Indian rupee symbol in web pages using HTML

Even though Government of India suggested the symbol for Indian rupee and Unicode consortium approved the code for it, it is still not available in all the computers. Official Indian currency symbol was added to Unicode at the unicode version 6.0 during October 2010.
The code approved by Unicode consortium for Indian rupee symbol is: U+20B9
Once all the computers and mobile phones in the world update to latest version of Unicode, everyone will be able to use Indian rupee symbol just like $ or € symbols. Until all computers in the world get updated with unicode 6.0, we will be left with few options to type, display and print Indian rupee symbol in HTML web pages.
If the computer supports Unicode 6.0, then Indian rupee symbol can be displayed in the webpage using the HTML code:
Since Unicode 6.0 is not available in the computers everywhere, you will need to use custom tools and scripts to display them.
Using a font to display the rupee symbol will not normally work on HTML pages since the same font is required on the client machines also to display the rupee symbol on the readers web browser.
Some of the options to display the rupee symbol in web pages are as follows :
A. Using Stylesheet from has provided a CSS styleseet which you can load from any webpages to display rupee symbol in your webpages. To use rupee symbol, follow the below steps:
1. Include the stylesheet with href :

2. Just adding the above stylesheet reference in the webpage will not display rupee symbol automatically anywhere. In order to show the rupee symbol, you have to use the SPAN tag with class WebRupee in each place you want to display the symbol.Wherever the SPAN tag is used with the “Rs” enclosed within it, it will automatically display the rupee symbol instead of the text “Rs”.


B. Display the Rs sign in web pages using Javascript from WebRupee
If you don’t want to type the above code everywhere, you may use the Javascript from WebRupee. If you add the below script reference in the HEAD area of your webpage, all uses of “Rs.” or “Rs” will be converted to Indian rupee symbol.