Turn on Internet connection sharing” option missing,Windows 7


This is a crazy bug and the main reason for this blog. The first time you enable internet connection sharing on an ad hoc connection, everything should be fine. And then… this option disappears. Impossible to find it. Impossible to share your internet connection again and without internet connection sharing, your ad hoc network looks useless.


Why this bug ?


Basically, you can only share your internet connection sharing once. That means it is linked to the first ad hoc network you have created and won’t be available unless you remove your first-in-you-life-created ad hoc network. The problem ? This ad hoc network is not shown anywhere ! Thank you Microsoft ! Basically you need to remove something that is not shown anywhere and that you cannot manage. Restarting your PC, looking wherever you want won’t help either. When Microsoft does something bad it does it really bad.


The solution ?


Well, there is a lot of “solutions” on the net but none worked for me. I found my method and wanted to share it (reason for this whole blog).


1.Go to your network settings: “Control Panel” / “Network and Sharing Center” and click on the wonderfully called “Change adapter settings” (why windows cannot just call it “Manage internet connections” is beyond me)


2.You should see 2 important connections here:


– your local connection (the one that enables you to connect to the internet). It is probably in state “Network, Shared”.


– your wireless connection (the one you will be using to give internet access to your other devices.


– you may have plenty of other connections that are not important.


– you will NOT have ad hoc connections (that would be too good to be true).


3.Right click on your local connection and go to Properties. There should be a tab called “Sharing” which is probably activated. Disable it (uncheck the first option “Allow other…”).


4.Disable your wireless connection.


5.Re-enable your wireless connection. As you have unchecked the sharing, when your wireless connection is re-enabled it should not use the internet-sharing-unique-slot.


6.Simply retry to create an ad-hoc connection. The option “Turn on Internet connection sharing” should now appear correctly.

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